Progressive Label Purchases a Mark Andy Performance Series

Posted by Natalie Gibson on Jul 30, 2018 8:30:00 AM

The press will support growth initiatives in the food-grade safe sector.

Mark Andy is pleased to announce Progressive Label’s factory expansion with the new Mark Andy Performance Series Press. The company is going green with the new P5E LED/UV technology that we pride ourselves on. 

Mark Andy Performance Series P5E

The owner Dave Carr started his packaging and label career over 26 years ago, driving place to place growing his label business from the ground up. His commitment to his client’s satisfaction has no limits. He pushed for a low carbon footprint before it became mainstream. To Carr these are not just labels, they are also the face of his client’s brand. With that in mind, he values the quality of every label order. Carr shared that he is known to invest in his customers by enhancing their applications - not only to support their business, but because he believes in them, their products, and in Progressive’s ability to manufacture the highest quality labels.

dave cesd 002Dave Carr, Owner of Progressive Label Manufacturing

Progressive Label plans to continue their tradition of eco-consciousness with their new investment in the Performance Series.  “Not only will the UV LED technology allow us to print food-safe labels, but we will be able to cut down on waste by over 50%,” said Carr. 

Progressive takes pride in their safety and compliance advancements, quality control, and customer service. They are Nestle and Swiss compliant with their low migration inks, pushing themselves ahead of their competitors. Progressive Label also invested in modern Pharmaceutical Grade Quality Control technology. They have also doubled their factory footprint. They plan to continue to be an industry leader in environmentally-friendly label manufacturing.  

With their Performance Series, Progressive Label will be able to print labels 4x faster, while also having the flexibility to print everything from a sophisticated label to film packaging decoration. Once the Performance Series press is installed, Progressive plans to continue to support their current customers while breaking into new markets.

Progressive EmployeesProgressive Label Employees (from left to right) Ashlee Johnston, Marketing Associate, Charlotte Smith, Production Assistant & Leilani Doolin, Managing Partner

“I’ve been Mark Andy all the way through,” said Carr, speaking to his company’s relationship with Mark Andy and loyalty to the brand. After their long history of partnering with Mark Andy, they see themselves investing in Mark Andy technology in the future to continue to support their customers with the best technology in the label market.

Carr described that Progressive Label has doubled in size in the last three years. This growth, assisted by the Mark Andy technology, helped them reach the point where they decided to expand and update equipment. Carr provides, “We are called Progressive Label because we are ahead of the curve in technology and service.” Every order is precisely thought out from the moment they receive the order, to printing and shipping. This company values every step of the process and cares about every order as they go out to the clients. With the Mark Andy Performance Series, Progressive Label is excited to continue their pursuit of high-quality products. They now have the capabilities to print in expanded markets and guarantee that the client’s product is to their complete satisfaction.

Mark Andy P7E Flexo Press

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