Enabling High Margin Label Production Through Press Operator Education

Posted by Aaron St. John on Sep 9, 2019 11:46:01 AM

Training at Mark Andy University is an ideal approach to optimize productivity in your flexographic and/or digital pressroom. All operators can benefit from Mark Andy University's various OEM-based training courses, regardless of experience. 

day 1 MarkAndy (157)-1Mark Andy Spirits Label Embellished with Cold Foil 

New to Mark Andy University (MAU) is the Advanced Application Certifications course. MAU Supervisor, Aaron St. John, explains the benefits of continuing education for operators working in pressrooms with equipment capable of high-margin applications:

No matter the experience level, it’s inevitable that everyone - in all professions - can find themselves getting caught in their comfort zone. As printers, we continually do a great job at what we do, producing what we know like the back of our hands. Instead of working to maintain the status quo, we need to reach past that point and strive to achieve a higher level.  

ext-content-2Performance Series P7E Enabled to Print Extended Content Labels with Web Translator

Having experienced that myself, I worked with industry contacts and converters to develop new training material to ensure all converters and pressroom managers have a chance to get their operators up and running some of the more advanced applications available on Mark Andy presses. And thus, through MAU, the Advanced Application Certifications course was born.  

This hands-on experience enables operators to feel more confident in these value-add processes, which in turn provides sales teams the extra ammunition to go after jobs that may have been unattainable previously. 

Our advanced certifications will include many applications - some already enabled on presses and unused due to lack of confidence, some never installed due to perceived difficulty in operation. Let’s open up the possibilities of landing jobs that require web translators, cold foil, delam/relam or turnbar operation - just to name a few!  

These certifications will be achieved through on-press experience that will make tedious work become routine. Work that was previously out of reach is no longer an exception, but the norm, driving profits up due to the rise in your operator’s confidence in advanced applications.

All Mark Andy University classes are limited in size to maximize the hands-on educational experience of each operator. If you are interested in registering for the Advanced Application Certifications course, or other course available through MAU, visit your MAU portal here.

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About the Author

Aaron St. John is a seasoned flexo print professional, also with over 20 years of Adobe and Esko flexo graphics experience. His enthusiasm for printing led him to his most recent role as the manager of Mark Andy University where he ensures that the future of the industry with remain bright through press operator training and on-going education. 


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