Etipress Evolves to Next Generation Technology

Posted by Mark Andy on Feb 7, 2018 3:00:00 PM

Etipress Etiquetas Autoadheribles, a printing company located in Guadalajara, Mexico, has recently installed a Mark Andy Performance Series P5 press and is seeing drastic results. 

The technology-centric label business models a self-stated mission to produce quality products at competitive prices while still hitting delivery deadlines using the most advanced printing machinery on the market. The addition of next generation flexo technology in the shape of the Mark Andy Performance Series is helping them accomplish these goals.


Pictured from left to right: Juan Carlos Arroyave Marín, Libardo Arroyave Aguirre, Oscar Eduardo Arroyave Marín

Specializing in self-adhesive and security labels, Etipress realized the need for new technology when comparing waste generated from its water-based ink system to other systems on the market. The company was quick to recognize the need for a more advanced ink curing solution and took note of the streamlined results delivered by the Mark Andy Performance Series. Etipress notes time and service savings with the switch to Mark Andy’s ProLED system, delivering a more efficient and environmentally-friendly curing solution over traditional UV curing. ProLED is the perfect complement to Etipress’ growing book of business.

Juan Carlos Arroyave, General Manager, Etipress Etiquetas Autoadheribles notes, “In order to reduce waste, we needed to switch to an ink system that would give us more stability during printing.  We decided to go with ProLED instead of traditional UV because it’s a sustainable, more efficient technology. We’re betting on innovation and striving to be one step ahead.” After a thorough analysis of other flexo options on the market, Mark Andy was the best choice for Etipress and their need for advancement.

performance_series_P5The Performance Series P5 was built to accommodate rapid changeovers and reduce material waste.

Etipress focused on addressing key problem areas through the new press acquisition. The first being a loss of business due to productivity issues and the second the need to stay cost competitive. Prior to owning a P5, the company utilized two legacy presses and were in need of an upgrade. The main objective was to find a machine that could output similar results as their legacy printing units but with higher productivity. Etipress evaluated the P5 against two other brands and ultimately chose to partner with Mark Andy. The decision came down to the OEM manufacturer’s direct technical support in Mexico along with Mark Andy’s reputation for excellent service and fair pricing.

Since install, Etipress reports reduced maintenance, improved noise control on the plant floor, and both cost and waste savings. The new press couldn’t have come at a better time for the company. With pharmaceutical and food labeling sectors in Mexico experiencing a large increase in demand growth, as well as a need for specific application expansions, i.e.  printing on adhesives, the P5 press featuring ProLED technology is opening doors for the company and increasing their productivity double fold. The choice was clear for Etipress- time savings, productivity, and ProLED technology simplified the company’s decision making process while guaranteeing a profitable future.

The new addition to their pressroom shipped in August and was fully installed and running jobs by late September. The P5 prints jobs twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week since, resulting in a huge impact on Etipress’ capability for new business. In the future, Etipress looks to expand into the prime label market, printing jobs for food & beverage as well as the wine & spirits industry.

“The sales process was very satisfactory,” shared Juan Carlos Arroyave, General Manager, Etipress Etiquetas Autoadheribles, “from when we first requested the quote to the configuration consultancy to the demo at Mark Andy, all the way through the press build the organization was excellent.” This was the first time in many years that Etipress chose to invest in new capital equipment and the process went smoothly from start to finish. Looking ahead, Etipress hopes to double their sales from the previous year and in terms of average sales triple their growth overall

Mark Andy P7E Flexo Press

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