Dr. Flexo

Dr. Flexo (Bill Enright, Senior Applications Engineer at Mark Andy) has been in the printing industry for over 30 years, serving in a variety of different roles from plate mounting to operations management. Bill has earned his doctorate in printing. Throughout the years, he's learned the quality of a print job is only as good as the consumables that go into it.

Recent Posts

RX For Success: 4 Tips to Excel at Platemaking

There are many factors that will allow you to consistently produce high-quality flexographic photopolymer plates.

A Deeper Dive Into Improving Pressroom Efficiency

In my previous post, I broke down what Overall Equipment Effectiveness (O.E.E) is and taking the first step to improving your equipment O.E.E. to make your pressroom more efficient.

Optimizing Your Pressroom Efficiency Metrics

Let's face the facts, the profitability of any printing company is driven by their pressroom efficiency.

Dr. Flexo turns Judge Flexo in FTA Printing Competition

It’s that time of year again - FTA’s Excellence in Flexography Awards is currently accepting submissions from all flexographic printers, converters, buyers, designers, suppliers and students ready to show off their best work.

RX for Success: The 411 on Plate Mounting Tape

Dr. Flexo dives into the basics every printer should know about mounting tape to optimize your printing process and achieve high print quality. 

RX for Success: Troubleshooting Your Tint Sleeves

Tint sleeves (also, commonly known as flood coat rollers) are the paint roller of the print industry. They are the solution when you need to print a continuous ink, varnish or adhesive, flood coat your substrate, or print continuous lineal strips.

RX for Success: Dr. Flexo on The Importance of Maintaining Clean Anilox Rolls

Let’s talk about the importance of maintaining clean anilox rolls. This is one of the most critical, best practice fundamentals for repeatable consistency in your pressroom.

Dr. Flexo on the Importance of the Right Splicing Tape

Splicing tape is one of the small items often overlooked as a key ingredient to consistent production.